Roots & Shoots Group about

For roots and shoots we have made a group all over the school. We have meetings and we are going to work on the problem: -Batteries because we know the batteries are leaking into the environment killing the plants and maybe even some small animals. This is a big problem so that’s why we want to care and make the environment a better place. That’s what everybody wants.

Jane Goodall

On the 3rd of June I went to Deakin University to listen to Dr. Jane Goodall she was talking about her life story and what she did when she was growing up as a child and about how can we make a difference in the world.   Dr. Jane Goodall is famous for her work in Africa with chimpanzees she said that if she didn’t have a mother that wanted her to be what she wanted, then she loved animals she saved up to go to Africa when she was 23 she went to Africa and she got a job then she went in to the forest to look for chimpanzees she didn’t find much at the start every time she got near them they looked at her and just ran off, so she went back to England. She was asking if she could get sponsor and a company said yes and she went back to Africa with her Mother when they got there she went looking for what chimpanzees do and they still kept on running away she said to her mother I am not finding anything she yes you are your finding out what they eat and how they make shelters. Then one day there was a chimp that was using a tool that it made and she got up close to one and its friends properly thought that if she not heating him she shouldn’t hurt us so that came up to Jane as well. When she came back she told people that chimps make tools it went viral lots of scientists of animals new about it and they had a look for themselves. Then she studied to become an environmentalist she became an environmentalist. She went back to Africa and she got asked to go to a different place in Africa with her Mother they said yes when they got there Jane she said that there cutting down lots of the chimpanzees homes they were cut down trees by the 100s she wanted to make it stop she did. After that they bout out a cake for Dr. Jane Goodall and we sang happy birthday to her she was tiring 80.  The End