Roots & Shoots Group about

For roots and shoots we have made a group all over the school. We have meetings and we are going to work on the problem: -Batteries because we know the batteries are leaking into the environment killing the plants and maybe even some small animals. This is a big problem so that’s why we want to care and make the environment a better place. That’s what everybody wants.

5 thoughts on “Roots & Shoots Group about

  1. I’m really loving this blog its just great how we have got the whole school into this problem. Also were teaching the preps on the environment well were at it so its a success!

  2. We need to get lots of people to look at this blog so they get involved with Roots and Shoots and I am going to put it on the 5/6 blog and the St Therese blog.

  3. Hi guys,
    the blog looks great. You are showing great leadership with your group boys, well done.
    The school needs good leaders like yourselves to make a difference in the community and teach others about some of our environmental issues.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mr McC

  4. Thanks! We think the blog is really coming together and it’s really going to help to put the link for our blog on the 56 Blog as well as our school website which will hopefully get more people interested in this activity to help the environment and save a few species. Good Job boys!!

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